© Copyright 2010 Sprinkle Of Nations (S.O.N.) Ministry PO Box 5113 Mentor, Ohio 44060 USA  Student Evangelism to the Nations Teams What is the S.E.N.T. Program?                                                   Several years ago, the Lord laid it on Dr. Charles Pahlman’s  heart the burden to introduce to Free Gospel Bible Institute (www.fgbi.org) a  short term  missions program involving the students. President Thomas Peretic and the F.G.B.I. board of Directors caught the same vision and approved this  ministry. The S.E.N.T. (Student Evangelism to the Nations Teams) ministry has now taken two trips to the Philippines Islands, the first in June of 2005,  then  again in 2006; and three trips to India, in the Fall of 2007, 2008 and 2009. Recently we took a team of 10 students to Honduras to work with   Christ Cares Ministries and 10  students to Abeokuta, Nigeria.  The results from these ministries have been  tremendous! The SENT teams have  preached, taught classes,  ministered to children, visited hospitals, military bases and prisons,  purchased new motorcycles for national workers,  provided   monthly support for the Bible School students, and physically  worked on repairing churches. FGBI’s student participation  has grown by  over 300% since 2005. Please keep all of us in your prayers. Thank you