An Intensive Program with International Bible Teacher What is The Decorated Disciple? The Decorated Disciple is a five course program designed to give a general understanding of the Christian Faith. True discipleship takes all of the teachings of Christ and implements them in our lives to aid us as we strive to live like Christ. The courses which will be covered are: COURSE ONE: The Doctrinally Sound Disciple (The Word of the Disciple COURSE TWO: The Defending Disciple (The Warfare of the Disciple)           COURSE THREE: The Developing Disciple  (The Worship and Walk of the Disciple)  COURSE FOUR: The Dutiful Disciple  (The Work of the Disciple) COURSE FIVE: The Decorated Disciple  (The Winning of the Disciple)
Why should you enroll ?  As a Minister of the Gospel of Christ, it is my sincere desire that each Christian believer become rooted in the faith and equipped with the knowledge, skill and devotion needed to train other Christians. A good disciple is one who is busy discipling others to be like Jesus Christ. Biblically based materials are necessary in order to pass on to others the vision of discipleship. They safeguard essential truths from neglect and aid us in our endeavor to be our best for Christ, our Lord. The Decorated Discipleship courses will take you to places in your spiritual walk where you may have never been before. While taking these courses, you will receive encouragement from fellow believers and Christian leaders, along with solid instruction  to keep you growing in the Lord. The program will help you develop deeper roots in Christ and quicken your spiritual maturation process. These lessons can also be of benefit to those who have been a Christian for many years, serving as a ‘refresher course’ on truths you have previously learned. Whatever your case may be, The Decorated Disciple can help you reach and maintain a higher spiritual plateau in your life. How does the program work ? If you feel like this is the right discipleship program for you, please fill out the attached application and submit it with payment to your  participating Church by the registration deadline. The discipleship classes will be held evenings, Monday through Friday, with three  sessions each  night.  Each student will receive a quality three ring binder with easy to follow student notes. For an additional cost, a five book series of The Decorated  Disciple is also available. Please visit for Store more details.  Registration Cost Cost for the program - Varies Program includes: 15 sessions of instruction Student notebook Refreshments Coming Soo
© Copyright 2010 Sprinkle Of Nations (S.O.N.) Ministry PO Box 5113 Mentor, Ohio 44060 USA  The Cross to the Crown Discipleship Certificate Program   The Cross to the Crown Discipleship Certificate Program   The next Decorated Disciple program will be conducted at First Church of Anytown 1700 Plains Drive Anytown, USA 45678  (555) 333-7333 Monday Oct. 4th - Friday Oct. 8th , 2010 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM nightly (Application deadline: Oct 1st) To Attend Contact How to Host a Seminar If you or or someone you know would like to host the Decorated Disciple program please contact us for more information.